Biomechanics of Accidental Injury

Biomechanics of Injury

Injury biomechanics utilizes the principles of engineering mechanics applied to the human body.

Principally  in  the  field  of  forensic  analysis  of accidental  injury,  this  relates  to  determining  the forces  and  extent  of  motion  experienced by  the  body. The  analysis  requires  identification  and  the analysis  of  the  mechanisms  of  the  injury.  The determination   of  the  extent  of  the  impulse  loading as  it  relates  to  established  tolerance  levels.  The adoption  of  protective  devices  that  would  have eliminated  or  mitigated  the  injury  is  an  application of  the  analysis.

  • Injury biomechanics
  • Tolerance Limits
  • Impact testing of impact surfaces
  • Protective equipment
  • Analysis of occupant vehicle motion
  • Simulation with Digital Models
  • Trip and fall analysis