Bicycle Accident Reconstruction

Bicycle Accident Reconstruction

As a Forensic Engineer, Dr. Jacobson has reviewed many varieties of bicycle accidents and injuries that resulted. This has involved examination of local environmental causes, the design and failure of bicycles, interactions with pedestrians and motor vehicles and specific rider behavior.

As a Forensic Engineer, Dr.  Jacobson has reviewed many varieties of bicycle accidents and injuries. This  involved  the  examination  of local  environmental  causes,  the  design  and  failure   of  bicycles,  interactions  with  pedestrians  and  motor vehicles,  and  specific  rider behavior

Dr.  Jacobson  has  been  involved  in  many  aspects  of bicycling  over  his  lifetime.  in  his  early  life,  he  used a  bicycle  for  delivery  services  and  continued  on  as  a commuter  into  his  college  years.

He is  a  charter  member  of  the  Cascade  Bicycle  Club and  the  original  organizer  of  many  major recreational  bicycle  rides  in  the  Pacific  Northwest. He has been the primary organizer of local competitive cycling events.  While  active  as  an official of  competitive  cycling,  he  has  had experience  participating  in  events  from  National and  World  Championships,  Goodwill  games  as  well as  many  local  events.

  • Analysis of bicycle accidents
  • Biomechanics of rider behavior
  • Impact injury tolerance
  • Analysis of bicycle motion
  • Examination of failed bicycle components
  • Organizer of bicycle events; recreational and competitive
  • Bicycle Official since 1982