About Jacobson Engineers

Jon O. Jacobson, PhD, PE

Jon Jacobson

After receiving his Bachelor of Science degree in mechanical engineering at Washington State University, Dr. Jacobson worked for the Boeing Company in the area of System Safety Design for the Minuteman Missile project. He entered the University of Washington pursue a Master of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering.

After completing the MS program he worked at Lockheed Shipyard as an Engineering Manager prior to entering the PhD program in Mechanical and Bioengineering at the University of Washington. After completion of the requirements for PhD degree with a thesis subject utilizing the emerging field of Medical Ultrasound, he worked at Virginia Mason Research Center as an investigator in the area of hyperbaric physiology developing Procedures and guidelines for Saturation Diving for Oil Exploration in the North Sea.  He then was a consultant at the Applied Physics laboratory studying ultrasonic cavitation of streaming fluids.

After that he worked at Flow research Incorporated Designing, developing, and testing ultra-high pressure equipment for waterjet cutting. He then worked for Olympic Engineering as a consultant in the Nuclear Safety at Westinghouse Hanford. He formed Jacobson engineers in 1978 a Professional Engineering Consulting firm initially working in the area of failure analysis for large Marine propulsion equipment developing from that was Forensic Engineering Consulting utilizing his background in biomechanics.

From his involvement bicycle competition he has had the opportunity to become a Referee at Major cycling events from the World Championships, and the Goodwill games as well as multiple United States national championships in road, track and cyclocross in addition to his involvement in competitive cycling. He is still holds the rank of National Commissar for the USA cycling organization. He also has originated and organized multiple recreational bicycle tours such as the Seattle to Portland Bicycle Ride and the RSVP bicycle ride from Seattle to Vancouver Canada. As a Forensic Engineer he has attained the rank of Fellow in the National Academy of Forensic Engineers.