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Included areas of practice are Vehicle Collision Reconstruction, Biomechanics of Injury, Bicycle and sports injuries, and Engineering Analysis Failures that are subject to resolution within the jurisprudence system.

Other areas of practice have included Vehicle Collision Reconstruction, Biomechanics or Injury, Bicycle and sports injuries and other Engineering Failures that are subject ot resolution within the jurisprudence system.

Why Hire Jacobson Engineers?

Dr. Jacobson has practices engineering since 1962 He has been a licensed practicing as Jacobson Engineers years since 1978.

Dr. Jacobson initially worked with petroleum production in the North Sea developing operational  procedures for saturation diving.. Dr. Jacobson has assisted in the development of accident reconstruction software to be utilized in litigation and dispute resolution projects.

Dr. Jacobson has utilized his capability in the Engineering Sciences for the development of Aero Acoustic noise mitigation, Fault Tree Risk Analysis, Marine Vessel construction and propulsion failure analysis, High Pressure process plant analysis redesign and installation, Ultra-high pressure pumping system design, Steel making energy conservation design, fabrication, and installation, Seafood process design, fabrication, and installation supervision.

He has been involved in the review, analysis and development of cases involving the biomechanics of accidental injury involving Automobiles, Trucks, Bicycles ,Sports equipment, machinery design and failure and facility design.